MSM Hails Biden For Stemming Illegal Immigration. Reality: He’s Making It “Legal”—To Swamp The Historic American Nation
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Earlier (January 2023) Biden’s Solution To His Border Rush: LEGALIZE IT. The Only Answer—IMPEACHMENT

The New York Times favorably compared President Biden to European conservatives trying to limit immigration last week. David Leonhardt claimed that Biden has taken a tough line against illegal immigration and significantly reduced it [The Global Immigration Backlash, July 11, 2023]. This is completely unsupported by the evidence. Biden has done nothing to stem the invasion at the border. What he has done is offer more legal pathways for would-be illegals to come here. This reduces the illegal border crossing numbers while increasing America’s intake of legals (and alleged legals). This is the dream situation for Democrats, but a nightmare for the Historic American Nation. Biden’s mendacious strategy is just further proof he deserves impeachment. Not for the first time, I ask: What has the GOP/GAP been waiting for?

Ever since Title 42 ended, the Regime Media has praised Biden’s immigration policies. Journalists have dutifully reported the alleged decline in border crossings and attributed it to the president’s actions. The Administration insists it’s still doing expedited removals with Title 42 gone and this is deterring illegals from coming. But the coverage ignores the glaring fact that the admin has simply been finding ways to allow tens of thousands of illegals to come legally to the U.S. [As border crossings dip, Biden admin crows about the fiasco that never happened, by Myah Ward, Politico, June 6, 2023].

The primary plan to curtail (actually hide) illegal immigration: the parole program. As has extensively covered, it will import 30,000 “migrants” from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela every month. That 360,000 annually is more than a third of America’s current legal intake. The Biden Regime claims that those who arrive at the border are to be deported immediately if they show up without prior approval. But even if it is to be believed, the parole isn’t slowing the invasion of illegals. It’s simply turning the invaders into legal immigrants.

Another factor lowering border encounters: the CBP One Mobile app. This allows illegals to apply for asylum before they leave home or get to the border. Those who apply can stay in the country while their asylum application is considered. So they don’t count as border encounters. Numbers entering under the app have steadily increased during the past few weeks. In May, the feds allowed in 1,000 migrants per day. That increased to 1,250 in June and shot up to 1,450 at the beginning of this month. If that number holds for the entirety of July, it would mean roughly another 45,000 migrants will have enter the country “legally.”FF

Combining the parole program and the CBP One numbers yields 75,000 “migrants” entering the U.S. in July alone. They would have been counted as illegal aliens and border encounters were it not for Biden’s manipulation of the law.

But the Regime isn’t content with these additional “legal” immigrants. It wants to dramatically increase the numbers. It will grant additional work permits to “migrants” from Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras who claim a family connection here and previously applied for a visa. This “Family Reunification Parole Process” will import 100,000 “migrants.” The alleged penalty for those caught trying to enter the country across the border: disqualification from the program [U.S. opens new legal path for Central American, Colombian immigrants, by Camilo Montoya-Galvez, CBS, July 9, 2023].

But the fine print allows for many exceptions. An asylum seeker can apply at the border if he claims he’s in physical danger. So the exceptions will undermine the policies’ enforcement aspects. A “migrant” could be threatened with deportation, but as long as he claims it’s too dangerous to be sent back, he stays here.

Beyond all this, the Regime is not enforcing the law and hiding the invasion in other ways. The vast majority of illegals don’t face deportation and most caught at the border are released. They needn’t worry about getting removed. For months, the Regime has tried to push illegals to ports of entry, where an encounter will not be included in the border crossing figures.

None of this shows an administration doing anything serious about the border crisis. We’re still experiencing unprecedented levels of crossings, despite the upbeat coverage that there’s nothing wrong at the border. Even though journalists rushed to praise Biden for avoiding a full-scale catastrophe after Title 42 ended, the month of May still witnessed over 200,000 border encounters. June’s figures will still probably be higher than the average during the Trump administration. Yet, there will be another round of self-congratulation for the lower numbers.

This situation is, unfortunately, a major public relations win for Biden. The end of Title 42 brought unwanted media attention to the border. Video of thousands of migrants lining up to get into the country embarrassed the regime, and the MSM was finally covering the invasion. Biden needed something to get journalists off his back and the invasion out of the news.

So Biden officials touted these slights of hand. The media saw that the expected avalanche didn’t occur and moved on to other topics. Biden turned negative headlines into positive ones when the border encounter numbers decreased. Problem solved, thanks to the president of the United States. The average reporter hasn’t investigated to find out the truth. He simply takes Regime propaganda at face value.

So now Biden is a border hawk even as he increased illegal immigration simply by declaring it legal. That, of course, advanced the Democrats’ primary objective of replacing the Historic American Nation [Latino Cabinet members tout Bidens immigration policies amid congressional impasse, by Sandra Lilley, NBC News, July 13, 2023].

How long this lasts is yet to be seen. The numbers could surpass 200,000 per month again once the human smuggling cartels figure out how to game the new system [Why no post-Title 42 border surge? Shelter operators in Mexico say some migrants are rethinking how to cross the border, by Didi Martinez, NBC News, May 19, 2023]. It will be harder for Biden’s media allies to hide that problem if the invasion returns to 2022 numbers. This is a likely scenario, but Biden’s legal path strategy might keep the numbers low enough to look good. If at least 75,000 would-be illegals are coming to the U.S. legally every month, it will be much easier to keep the monthly encounter total below 150,000. But numbers over 200,000 will reveal an even bigger invasion.

Whatever happens with the border numbers, these latest moves further illustrate the need for Republicans to put this issue front and center in public debate. They must counter the falsehoods and show the invasion to the American people. That means ignoring the flavor-of-the-week news story. The latest Hunter Biden laptop photo dump is not as important as the border invasion.

The best way to focus that attention: impeach Biden. He is aiding and abetting an invasion of the United States and blatantly breaking the law. The impeachment resolution must stress his immigration policies, not least using the Border Patrol and U.S. military to escort illegals into the country.

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert introduced articles last month, but the bill was passed off to committee. It must be revived and sent to the House floor for a vote. It doesn’t matter if it fails there or in the Senate. Americans must hear the message that the president is facilitating the invasion to swamp the Historic American Nation demographically.

This alone should justify impeachment. It’s time for Republicans to muster the courage and do what’s necessary. Otherwise, they might go into 2024 with the media successfully hiding the border invasion from the Americans, who are paying for it.

Washington Watcher II [Email him] is an anonymous DC insider.

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