Not Just For Reagan Democrats—Asians Also Oppose Affirmative Action!
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Why do Republicans refuse to use opposition to Affirmative Action as an election strategy?

I don't know the answer to the question Patrick Cleburne asked on recently. Maybe it is simply stupidity—Republicans aren't called the Stupid Party for nothing—or maybe it is cowardice. However, I suspect a major reason is that so many Republicans have been brainwashed by the Leftist Main Stream Media and education system that they are pretty much PC themselves.

But Steve Sailer has shown that the way for the GOP to win elections is to get more white votes—the “Sailer Strategy.”  And it is obvious that anti-Affirmative Action is a winning issue for "Reagan Democrats." White men in this category have real reason to resent Affirmative Action.

For example, I have known three young men who aspired to be police officers. Two, white men, were rejected and one of these was told outright that the police department was not looking for white men. The third was also white and was in fact openly hostile to Hispanics, but he had a Portuguese name which was identical to a common Hispanic name. Of course, he was the one who was hired.

Many Republicans dream of gathering more minority votes. Black and Hispanic votes are pretty much a lost cause—they well know that their interests lie in programs which transfer wealth to them and Democrats do that best. No, Hispanics are not natural Republicans, as some propagandists have claimed. Although Hispanics may oppose some liberal issues like gay marriage, in the end, economics wins. And Mr. Amnesty himself, John McCain, did so poorly with Hispanic voters that only the stupidest of Stupid Party strategists could think that more Hispandering on amnesty is a winning issue.

UHowever, properly presented, anti-Affirmative Action could win one minority: Asians.

My Chinese wife and I were extremely successful in convincing Asians to sign I-200, the Washington State initiative which banned the use of Affirmative Action by the state for hiring and college admissions.[Antiaffirmative action ballot measure,,  November 03, 1998.] Knowing that, for most Asians, getting their children into good universities is a top priority, we bluntly told them that Affirmative Action meant that their smart child could be bumped to allow blacks and Hispanics with lower scores to be admitted instead. Most Asians we asked signed the initiative.

Not only did I-200 receive enough signatures to make the ballot, but it also won in the election 58.22% of the vote—and this in a very liberal state.

Besides education, the other things which are important to so many Asians are food, shopping, and money. Edwin Rubinstein has shown that actually Asians are the biggest financial losers from Affirmative Action. ($40,000 per family, about twice what white families lose. Black and especially Hispanic families benefit.).

So why, I ask my wife, do so many prosperous Asians vote Democrat—the party which takes their money through higher taxes and Affirmative Action?

She responds: "They just don't get it; they don't make the connection."

If Republicans were smart, they would help Asians make that connection.

In addition, not only is anti-Affirmative Action a winning issue, but it is increasingly vital if we are to avoid, or at least delay, a descent into the Third World.

Barring a miracle, whites are going to become a minority. If Affirmative Action can be junked, at least businesses and government can be run by the smartest people—rather than Affirmative Action hires.


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