Reductio ad Hitlerum—Now THERESA MAY Is Hitler
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We all know how easily lefties slip into reductio ad Hitlerum — that is, how easily they fall back on comparing their political opponents to you-know-who.

Here is one of the loopier instances of that tendency.

Addressing the annual conference of her party last Fall, British Prime Minister Theresa May, in reference to the Brexit vote of a few months earlier, said that people who believe they are a citizen of the world are, quote, "a citizen of nowhere."

Well, a Member of Parliament named Vince Cable, from the tiny Liberal Democrat Party — think tree huggers and cat ladies — took exception to that early this month by saying, quote: "I thought that particular phrase was quite evil. It could've been taken out of Mein Kampf."

To grasp the full silliness of Mr. Cable's remark, you need to know that Theresa May belongs to the ineffectual arm-waving chocolate fudge wing of her party and has spent her career tiptoing around all the important issues of the day for fear of giving offense. The term "cuckservative" could have been tailor-made for her.

As has been wisely said (by our Steve Sailer, I think): In the future, everybody will be Hitler for fifteen minutes — even meek, useless, apologetic Theresa May.

Isn't it way past time lefties found a new boogie-man to compare their opponents to? Why not Genghis Khan? It would please the Mongolians; they're proud of old G.K.

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