Boomers for Loomer: A Case Study Of How America’s Seniors Now Favor An Immigration Moratorium 
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Boomer Paradise! Otherwise known as The Villages, the largest retirement community in the U.S. Located in Central Florida, The Villages is a retirement destination where seniors who are looking to spend their retirement years flock to in droves to enjoy the Florida sun, sprawling golf courses, and all-inclusive entertainment in the many Village Town squares.

As the best-selling and fastest growing master-planned retirement community in the U.S., and the largest in the entire world, The Villages is home to more than 132,000 residents, from all 50 states, and all walks of life. Nearly 80 percent of The Villages residents live in Sumter County, Florida, which is deep Red Republican.

When I moved to Florida’s 11th District to run for the U.S. Congress as an America First, grassroots Republican candidate against RINO career politician incumbent Daniel Webster, I moved into an apartment as close to The Villages as I could, and I immediately got to work. Since it’s the largest voting bloc in my District, I knew that the key to winning the election was winning The Villages.

Upon my arrival, I was met with detractors who told me there was no chance in hell that a millennial Jewish woman would ever win The Villages in a race against a five-term incumbent politician, who, at the age of 73, is a senior himself like the majority of The Villages residents.

However, the America of 2022 isn’t the same America I grew up in, and it certainly isn’t the same America where America’s seniors grew up in, raised their families in, and built their careers and businesses.

As an America First candidate,  I had a robust political platform, but the top three issues I focused on and campaigned on were 1) election integrity, 2) combatting Big Tech Social Media censorship (I continue to be blocked from Twitter and Facebook) and election interference, and 3) a ten-year minimum immigration moratorium.

In comparison, my opponent Daniel Webster ignored immigration in his campaign and has supported Amnesty while in Congress [Webster endorses immigration reform—with preconditions, by Mark K. Matthews, Orlando Sentinel, August 4, 2013].

When in 2020 I ran for Congress in FL-21, a heavily Democratic district encompassing Palm Beach County, I also ran as an Immigration Moratorium candidate. (I won the primary, but lost the general election—although President Trump voted for me!)  Fast forward two years, and the immigration crisis in America has drastically worsened as a consequence of the stolen (in my opinion, but not Webster’s) 2020 Presidential election. Elections have consequences, but stolen elections have even more serious and lethal consequences. One of the most serious consequences of the stolen 2020 election: Joe Biden’s Open Border policies and his administration’s refusal to close or militarize the U.S.-Mexico border, which has resulted in nearly four million illegal border crossings since his Inauguration in January of 2021.

I believe there may be as many as 40 million illegal aliens living in the United States. These criminal illegal alien invaders are sucking up resources, taxpayer dollars, and are contributing to the growing demographic replacement of the traditional white American majority and the overcrowding and rising crime rates throughout and across all major American cities.

Here in Florida, we are not located on the U.S.-Mexico border, but our Open Coasts are the point of entry for hordes of illegal aliens from Haiti and Central and South America who arrive daily on homemade rafts and small migrant manned boats. Illegal aliens are now commonplace throughout Florida, with reports of illegals being bused into Central Florida, and flown in on private planes to Florida airports in the middle of the night [DeSantis: We don't want border problems 'to be imported into' Florida, by Matthew Miller, Washington Examiner, January 31, 2022].

Last year, I even tracked down and recorded a bus of illegal aliens being dropped off at an Extended Stay hotel in Maitland, Florida, just outside of my Congressional district.

The video above went viral, prompting outrage from Republican voters and opposition from migrant farmer advocacy organizations who claimed that the Hispanic men caught on my viral video were legal H2A migrant farm workers from Mexico. However, no documentation was ever provided.

The virality of my video even prompted a response from Governor Ron DeSantis himself, who was asked at a press conference why illegals were being bussed into Florida ahead of a midterm election year.

Put simply, the illegal alien invasion isn’t just happening on the southwest border. Florida is experiencing its own illegal alien invasion.

Boomers may have opposed the Vietnam War (although they also fought in it), but they settled down and elected Reagan and the Bushes and they are still likely to tell you they “Back the Blue.” With the assault on Law and Order, and the growing threat to America’s sovereignty as a result of Biden’s Open Borders policies, Boomers can see that their understanding of what America is and always has been being rapidly undermined.

The Democrat strategy of replacing Legacy White Americans with criminal illegal alien invaders, who are overwhelmingly Hispanic and African, is what is known as the Great Replacement. While the neocons and radical Leftists in America who profit from illegal alien labor have dubbed this practice a “white nationalist conspiracy theory,” it is anything but a theory. I found that Boomer voters in Florida’s 11th District quickly realized how much of a threat it truly is to their way of life—as well as to their children’s and their grandchildren’s—on hearing me speak and learning about my campaign platform.

Throughout the campaign, I highlighted my incumbent opponent’s chronic record of absenteeism and the political implications of the votes he missed—over 15 percent of total Congressional votes in 2021 (for health reasons, he told the Orlando Sentinel:  Far-right activist Laura Loomer seeks to unseat GOP Rep. Daniel Webster, by Skyler Swisher, August 2, 2022).

One of the most egregious votes skipped by Webster: the “Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act,” which Democrats deceptively reframed out of the  NASA bill. It would have forced via federal law the registration of all voting-age individuals regardless of citizenship or actual eligibility—i.e., it would facilitate illegal alien voting [HR 1 will open up voting access alright—especially for those voting fraudulently, by Russ Vought,, March 18, 2021].

This news sent shock waves through Republican Baby Boomer voters in Florida’s 11th District. They shuddered at the thought of an America where the votes of illegal aliens would forever cancel out their own votes—and the votes of their grandchildren. When I further emphasized the fact that Republicans would never get elected to any federal office ever again in the U.S. if illegal aliens were given voting rights, it didn’t take long for these Republican voters to get on board with an immigration moratorium.

When the Orlando Sentinel, the largest paper in Central Florida, published its candidate interviews for the congressional race in Florida’s 11th District, it highlighted my calls for an immigration moratorium and mass deportations. My opponent walked into the trap, revealing he’d apparently never thought about an Immigration Moratorium and considered mass deportation not “realistic.”

Note that this is exactly what happened when Neil Kumar primaried Establishment Republican Steve Womack in AR-3. By running we forced them to think, or at least talk, about the issue of an Immigration Moratorium.

Bottom line: I found that Baby Boomers in America’s largest retirement community supported an Immigration Moratorium and mass deportations and the America First congressional platform of a millennial candidate as opposed to the implicitly pro-Amnesty, pro-Replacement agenda of my opponent, Daniel Webster, who complacently claimed he was more relatable to senior voters simply because he was one.

In the end, I lost narrowly, as PBS among others admitted, with the aid of one of those last-minute mail-in ballot dumps [GOP Rep. Dan Webster narrowly beats far-right activist Laura Loomer in Florida, PBS, August 23, 2022].

The results are currently being contested [see Lawsuit seeks Congressional runoff election between Webster and Loomer, September 9, 2022 and Villagers for Trump calling on governor to investigate fraud in Loomer-Webster race, September 9, 2022, both by David Towns of the Villages News]. But as they stand they reveal that, out of every single county in Central Florida, Sumter County, where The Villages is located, had the highest voter turnout of any county (44%). Of the four counties located in Florida’s 11th District, I overwhelmingly won Sumter County and The Villages, the largest voting block in my district.

“Boomers for Loomer” is more than a slogan. It’s more than a T-shirt and a bumper sticker. It is a real-life testament to the fact that America’s largest voting demographic in the largest swing state in the country supports an immigration moratorium and mass deportations of illegal aliens.

Gone are the days of treating immigration as a humanitarian issue. Today, immigration has been weaponized by the Democrat Party to forever replace white America and institutionalize Democrat control of a government in which it will be demographically impossible for Republicans to get elected to federal office ever again.

An immigration moratorium is America’s only hope if we are ever to prevent our replacement at the border and the ballot box.

And it’s an issue that can win.

Laura Loomer [Email her] is an award-winning conservative investigative journalist, free-speech activist, and former Republican US congressional candidate in Florida’s 21st and 11th Districts. She is the author of “LOOMERED: How I Became the Most Banned Woman in the World.” Follow her on Gab and Parler @LauraLoomer, and on Telegram @loomeredofficial



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