NEIL KUMAR: “’Immigration Moratorium’ Was Always The Largest Applause Line Of My Stump Speech”
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I received 16,400 votes in my campaign for U.S. Congress in Arkansas’s Third District, running primarily on the issue of the Great Replacement and an Immigration Moratorium. Officially, that amounts to at least 22% of the vote. Statewide, there are whispers of election irregularities, though this isn’t the place to entertain them. While I am certainly disappointed that I did not pull off a Dave Brat–type miracle victory, I am nonetheless gratified by my strong showing, particularly given the enormous opposition I was up against. It’s hard proof, confirming recent polls, that the Republican electorate is changing for the better—and of the rapidly growing viability of frank White Identity Politics.

I’m an unknown 25-year-old law student at the University of Arkansas and this was my first time running for office. My opponent, Steve Womack (NumbersUSA Rating: B), a six-term incumbent backed by the Republican Establishment, the Walton Family, the Defense Lobby, Big Pharma, AIPAC, and every other evil entity on earth, had a 20-to-1 funding advantage.

Womack voted for Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 Hearings witch hunt and condemned the Capitol Hill Mostly Peaceful Protesters. Under these circumstances, I might have hoped for a Trump endorsement. But I didn’t hold my breath, and none came.

Of course, this was too bad, because rural Arkansas still flies Trump flags, like’s rural West Virginia. There can be no doubt that he has hit a nerve.

Additionally, I was the only third candidate in U.S. history to be disavowed by the Republican Party during a contested primary. The others: David Duke when it looked like he might win the Louisiana governorship in 1991 and Paul Nehlen, after he moved in a radical direction in his second attempt to replace Paul Ryan. In contrast, I have no history of anti-Semitism, but just want to shut down immigration. Apparently, and significantly, that’s just as bad.

Twice—both at critical times—my online fundraising was shut down, once after the Republican Party of Arkansas disavowed me and once by the Republican National Committee’s Winred. I was also banned from mainstream social media. Facebook disabled my account early in the campaign, and, though I was able to create another account later on, it was severely hobbled and suppressed. Thus I have over 8,200 followers on Gab, and yet only 345 followers on Facebook. I was banned from Twitter altogether—curiously enough, almost immediately after I reached one thousand followers in late 2021.

Of course, this was particularly damaging because Arkansas local media refused to cover me at all. For example: I spoke at the Rally for Medical Freedom at the State Capitol in September, and the moment that I got up to the podium, the news crews took their microphones away, packed up their cameras, and left. They didn’t do that for any other speaker—just me.

In other words, the anti-Establishment promise of the early internet has substantially been brought to heel.

Meanwhile, the national Leftist media ran constant hit pieces against me—the ADL, the SPLC, the Guardian, Business Insider, you name it.

GOP operatives, some of whom had shadowy connections to Israel, ran a smear operation against me on the ground. My opponent, Rep. Steve Womack, even personally called at least one of my larger donors to let her know that I’m a “racist.” (Isn’t this what the Left calls all Republicans?) Her heroic response: “I support Neil.”

(Of course, this is kind of crazy given that I am half-Indian—my father immigrated from Northern India, although I do identify with my mother’s Confederate heritage. For the record, I met absolutely no hostility on the campaign trail because of my color and non-Anglo name.)

From Day One of my campaign, the Republican Party of Arkansas—even before its official disavowal—informally blacklisted my campaign, with four of the six GOP county committees in my district refusing to allow me to speak to their members.

At its Lincoln Day Dinner, the Carroll County GOP threw me offstage for daring to criticize my opponent. I called him out directly to his face for certifying the 2020 Coup and voting with Nancy Pelosi for torturing Trump supporters. He was sitting right in front of the podium, beet-red, the only time we’ve ever been in the same room together.

I was also disadvantaged by a mere circumstance of timing; after the 2020 Census, Arkansas’s congressional districts were redrawn. The best-case scenario for me would have been the most logical choice, which was to put all of the Arkansas Ozark counties into the Third District. Of course, that isn’t what happened.

Instead, Boone, Newton, and Marion counties—all rural, right-wing populist counties where I would have overperformed—were dropped out of the Third District entirely. Madison County—which, second only to Benton County, was my highest-performing area—was added back into the Third District, but its population is nowhere near large enough to compensate for the loss of those other Ozark counties.

A State Representative—and friend of mine—tells me that, upon beginning the redistricting process, the very first thing that the Arkansas Legislature did was ask my opponent what he wanted them to do.

The resulting district—Benton, Washington, Crawford, Sebastian, Carroll, and Madison counties—is dominated by three cities: Bentonville, Fayetteville, and Fort Smith, all of which are ground zero for the social engineering and cultural terraforming projects of the Walton Family.

Curiously enough, I nevertheless achieved my highest numbers in Benton County, with at least 24% of the vote. Benton County is the home of Walmart, and yet I performed better there than anywhere, with heavily rural Madison County a close second. Benton County is Womack’s home. Maybe people don’t like him there.

Arkansas’s horrific open primary system, whereby any registered voter can vote in either party’s primaries, was also a problem. Thousands of Democrats crossed party lines in the Republican primary specifically to vote against right-wing insurgents like myself. (e.g., this is also what defeated immigration patriot Chris McDaniels in the 2014 U.S. Senate runoff against Thad Cochran in Mississippi)

The largest paper in the state, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, explicitly encouraged Democrats to do this—and explicitly endorsed my opponent—in editorial after editorial.

In the long run, of course, this gridlock must result in Third Party candidates. But I personally am not prepared to go that route just now.

In many respects, I ran a pioneering campaign. I am the first candidate for any office in America to explicitly include ending the Great Replacement in my platform. I spoke loudly, proudly, and often of the Great Replacement and of White Genocide. I championed the cause of White America more explicitly than any other candidate in the 2022 cycle.

Though I was able to raise a respectable $110,000, including $30,000 of my own money, fundraising was the most important thing that hampered me. It certainly didn’t help matters that I had to pay the Republican Party of Arkansas a $15,000 “filing fee” simply to get my name on the ballot. These “filing fees” are set by each respective State Party, with the Arkansas GOP’s one of if not the highest in the country This is especially scandalous considering the fact that Arkansas’s per capita income, as of 2020, was $27,724. (Admittedly, this is not quite as bad as the “Managed Democracy” that prevented Jared Taylor from running in his VA-10 home district in 2016, but it’s a problem that all patriots have to face)

I was only able to run television, radio, and robocall advertisements for the five days prior to the election.

Had I been able to run these damning ads for longer, I believe my numbers would have improved significantly.

Money is truly the one thing that our cause lacks, and it is a tremendous problem which we absolutely must solve going forward. readers will of course be most interested in how my Immigration Moratorium was received.

It is important to note at the outset that my particular Immigration Moratorium proposal was far more stringent than any other candidates’ proposals. I called for a total, 20-year moratorium on all immigration, legal and illegal. I also called for the mass deportation of every illegal alien in our country, as well as building the Wall, denying all public services to illegal aliens, taxing remittances at up to one hundred percent, and ending Birthright Citizenship.

During my campaign, I floated a slew of other novel ideas. Using Texas as an example, I proposed the following model:

  1. Expel all Federal agents who are impeding enforcement from the State
  2. Cut off oil production to the rest of the country, holding energy hostage for self-protection
  3. Use the Texas National Guard and the Texas State Guard to shut the checkpoints
  4. Deputize citizen vigilantes to patrol the rest of the border and pay them bounties
  5. Impose a shoot on sight policy
  6. Mass deportation of illegals just over the border into Mexico, using the border shutdown to starve the Mexican economy and force compliance
  7. Prosecute any American citizens who employ illegals. Seize their businesses and their entire bank accounts. Put them out onto the street or in labor camps for their crimes against American workers.

Though some of these ideas might appear “extreme” or otherwise outlandish, the thinking behind them is the attitude we must adopt. If we make it extremely costly and inhospitable for aliens to attempt to come here, potentially losing all of their money or even being killed while crossing the border, and make it impossible both for them to make any income here and impossible for employers to take advantage of the situation, the “pull” factors which impel Third Worlders to invade our country would dissipate nearly overnight.

The other goal behind proposals like these: the reclamation of State Sovereignty against the genocidal Leviathan on the Potomac, and perhaps even Red State Secession.

On the campaign trail, I most heavily emphasized the Immigration Moratorium, the Wall, and mass deportations. Here is an excerpt of the stump speech that I gave many times:

From 1999 to just last year, almost a million Americans were murdered by opioids—more than the number of Americans killed in all of our wars, combined. Fentanyl is now the number one cause of death for Americans aged 18-49.

Arkansas suffered the third-largest increase in the White mortality rate in the entire country. I lost one of my best friends to a drug overdose, along with several others from my high school class. I defy you to find one Arkansan family that has not been affected by this plague, the human wreckage of a government that has long since ceased to give a damn about the people it claims to represent.

Who is responsible for the Opioid Plague? The Sackler family and Big Pharma purposely unleashed this Beast upon us, and yet have to this day faced essentially no punishment for their crimes.

Mexican drug cartels ferry the poison across our wide-open border—the same wide-open border that facilitates the Great Replacement. The Regime is committing ethnic cleansing against the majority population of our nation; indeed, the way that it talks about Whites is nothing short of genocidal.

The Regime hates the American people, so it has decided to replace us and elect a new people, a nation of aliens.

Remember: A nation without borders is no nation at all. Millions of aliens are invading our home, and they’re bringing drugs, crime, trash, and the Third World. If you have a Third World population, you have a Third World country.

200, 300, 400, 500 thousand every month, and those are just the official numbers. The truth is even worse than we know. We don’t have any idea how many people are in our country. They’re turning our country into a stinking slum from coast to coast.

Just using the official numbers, America’s foreign-born population soared to over 46 million as of November. That means that Third World invaders now comprise over 14% of the population, a number which has tripled since 1970 and doubled since 1990. In Swing States like Florida, Michigan, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Nevada, the number of new, foreign-born voters already exceeds the 2016 margins of victory.

Our Southern Border isn’t just wide open, it’s gone. It’s been erased. Last year, more people than the entire population of the City of Dallas and almost equal to that of San Diego illegally entered America. If they were all held in one place, they would constitute the 9th largest city in America. Last year’s illegal border crossers—the ones we know about—could completely displace the citizens of Irvine, Pittsburgh, Orlando, and St. Louis, all put together.

Enough illegal aliens entered America in 2021 alone to equal or exceed all the Americans who live in each of ten U.S. States: Alaska; Delaware; Maine; Montana; New Hampshire; North Dakota; Rhode Island; South Dakota; Vermont; and Wyoming. And 2022 is already showing exponential increases over last year. This death spiral is rapidly accelerating, and if it is not stopped now, America as a singular polity will be lost.

All immigration into our homeland, legal and illegal, must end. We need a Total Immigration Moratorium, yesterday. We’ve got to build the Wall and deport every single illegal in this country—all thirty plus million of them.

The Immigration Moratorium—specifically, the sentences, “All immigration into our homeland, legal and illegal, must end. We need a Total Immigration Moratorium, yesterday,” was always, without fail, one of the largest applause lines of the entire speech. See one example here.

I am the only politician that Arkansas has ever seen advocate an immigration moratorium—and yet the proposal was overwhelmingly popular. Voters crave an immigration moratorium. I found that a surprising and heartening number of people were even aware of America’s long history of immigration restrictionism.

The only negative reaction that I experienced from a voter: a large-scale farmer, who vehemently insisted that seasonal migrant laborers were the only way he could keep his business afloat. He had heavily imbibed the Cheap Labor / Open Borders Lobby’s myth of the “jobs Americans just won’t do.”

My response to this myth has always been that there are not, in fact, any jobs that Americans will not do, rather that there are wages that Americans will not—and should not—work for

My Immigration Moratorium idea was, of course, not well received by the Republican Party of Arkansas. For them, it was yet further evidence of my “racist bigoted White Supremacy.” Immigration is a sacrament to the America Last GOP, and any mention of restricting the unrelenting deluge elicits hysteria.

In fact, I succeeded in getting my opponent, Steve Womack, to respond on the record to my Immigration Moratorium, providing a rare insight into the brain-dead, implicitly anti-White mind-set of the Cheap Labor Republican Establishment:

A 20-year moratorium, the fact that it's all immigration is kind of laughable that he would think that a melting pot like America is automatically one day just going to shut down everything," said Womack. "No fresh ideas, no new blood can come into this country. That's just ridiculous to make a statement like that.

[Candidates in 3rd District GOP primary split on Jan. 6 Capitol riot, key issues, May 9, 2022]

Get that? The death of White America provides “new blood” for the “melting pot.”

We’re burning in the melting pot, Steve.

And, of course, the idea that America needs “fresh ideas” is a slap in the face to the Historic American Nation, to the real Americans who built this nation, and a vicious stab at their ingenuity, grit, and fighting spirit.

When I set out on my journey, I knew that the odds were stacked overwhelmingly against me. Had the fight been fair, had the playing field been level, had voters had the opportunity and the wherewithal to thoroughly get to know each candidate, I firmly believe that I would have won a landslide victory.

But even though I lost the election, I succeeded in my ultimate goal, which was to push the Overton Window farther to the Right, to mainstream the Great Replacement, and to spread the gospel of the Immigration Moratorium. Ironically, the communist vigilantes at Right Wing Watch were the ones who realized this:  Neil Kumar’s Congressional Bid Isn’t About Winning. It’s About Peddling Replacement Theory,  by Kristen Doerer, May 24, 2022.

It isn’t often that we get a “head count,” however rough, of our numbers in a given area. 16,400 people in Northwest Arkansas, representing only a portion of the Arkansas Ozarks, is nothing to scoff at.

In my manifesto, White Identity Nationalism, I propose a political solution which in its preliminary stages involves strategic relocation of like-minded nationalists into areas—like the Ozarks—where we can secure local offices and enact de facto secession through nullification of Federal and even State law. 16,400 people in one corner of the Ozarks is indeed an encouraging number for the prospects of a Fortress Ozarkia.

My election results have convinced me of three things:

  • We are not alone.
  • We are just beginning.
  • And this is but the start of my career. (Maybe even in AR-3!)

Neil Kumar is a law student who lives in the Arkansas Ozarks. He is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and Sons of the American Revolution, with blood that has been Southern since the seventeenth century. His work can also be found at the Abbeville Institute, American Renaissance, Clyde Wilson’s Reckonin’, Identity Dixie, and Truth to Power.

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