THAT MONTEREY PARK MASSACRE: Maybe The Answer Is Not Gun Control—But Immigration Control?
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See our FAQ: What Is Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome”?

The most recent Immigrant Mass Murder, in which Asian immigrant Huu Canh Tran killed 11 people with an  already illegal weapon in a dance club in a Chinese immigrant community on Chinese New Year, apparently because he hadn’t been invited to a  party [Monterey gunman thought dance instructors said ‘evil things about him,’  by Yaron Steinbuch, New York Post,  January 23, 2023], suggests that this a good time to update our Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome list.

It’s a phenomenon we really started looking into after another Asian immigrant mass murder was committed at Virginia Tech by Seung-Hui Cho in 2007. But as Brenda Walker wrote thoughtfully in her discussion of the 2009 Binghamton Massacre (perp: Vietnamese immigrant Jiverly Wong):

Immigrating to a completely foreign culture is a vastly more disorienting experience, where the possibility for failure is real and life-affecting.

Maybe the answer is not gun control—but immigration control?

On our list of 110 incidents below, Asian immigrants only account for 14, but they have some of the highest death tolls.

And while we really only started to officially Notice Immigrant Mass Murder in 2007, editor Peter Brimelow Noticed it as early as 1995, in Alien Nation, page 6:

…In February 1993, a gang of Middle Easterners, (mostly illegally overstaying after entering on non-immigrant visas—one banned as a terrorist but admitted on a tourist visa in error) blow up New York’s World Trade center, killing six and injuring more than 1,000!! In December 1993, a Jamaican immigrant (admitted as a student, but stayed, illegal status automatically regularized after marriage to a U.S. citizen) opens fire on commuters on New York’s Long Island Rail Road, killing six and wounding 19!!! WHAT’S GOING ON??!!?’s Brenda Walker also Noticed it in 2007, in Diversity Is Strength! It’s Also...Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome and Diversity Is Strength! It’s Also…Familicide.

Immigrant Mass Murder clearly constitutes A Thing, and under normal circumstances would be celebrated as such by the Main Stream Media.

For example, the far less serious phenomenon of murders by U.S. Postal Service workers has given birth to the Pop-Cult phrase “going postal” and even has its own Wikipedia entry.

Mass murder is, alas, not a job that Americans won’t do. But why make it worse?

However. the concept of Immigrant Mass Murder is so foreign to how the MSM thinks that no one has noticed this except us. (Steve Sailer has noted that Political Correctness is a War on Noticing,  and people who do Notice are attacked in the press, or lose their jobs.)

Honorable exceptions:

  1. The great Pat Buchanan: see ”The Alien In Hokie Nation”—Buchanan On The Dark Side of Diversity (Hat Tip To VDARE.COM!) on Virginia Tech.
  2. The magnificent Ann Coulter (see here, here, and especially here, plus chapter 6 in Adios America).
  3. Arguably, 2015 presidential candidate Donald Trump, who not only read Adios, America, but after the Immigrant Mass Murder in San Bernardino called for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.”

We classify these under various typical headings:

Of the last one, since it’s in the news, I’ll add that, since East Asian immigrants are generally (not always) relatively less violent, it is striking how many have been involved with Immigrant Mass Murder in the U.S.

Perhaps significantly, the term “running amok” is Malay in origin and there have been instances dating back centuries.

Maybe it has been imported along with that work ethic.

So here is our updated list of mass murders committed by immigrants. Because of the Regime Media’s persistent attempt to obfuscate this, by calling Immigrant Mass Murderers “Man Arrested” or “Alabama Man,” we probably don’t know about all of them.

Our tentative Immigrant Mass Murder count: 754 761 dead, an increase of 113  120 over the last update, in 110 111 different incidents. (According to police and media, since I started writing this column, there’s been a second Asian Immigrant Mass Murder in California.)

We don’t claim these are all the Immigrant Mass Murders that happened, it’s all the ones we’ve found to date here on Email me with more.

The link on the perpetrator’s name will take you to our report.’s Immigrant Mass Murder List


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