VDARE.COM’S Peter Brimelow On James Edwards' POLITICAL CESSPOOL: Ye, Nick Fuentes, Secession, Impeachment!
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PETER BRIMELOW writes: I appeared on James Edwards' radio show last Saturday night (listen here), which is several centuries ago in terms of Ye West controversies. But the immigration issue, and spinoffs like state secession and impeachment, go marching on. This is adapted from our conversation.


Peter Brimelow, the Editor of VDARE. com, formerly of Forbes (back in the day, you could have a difference of opinion with the shadowy cabal that runs our way of life and still be employed by publications like that) and author of the best-selling book Alien Nation, Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster. He is back for a wide-ranging discussion on news and current events. Peter, are you there?


Yes, I am, James.


Well, it’s great to have you back tonight. Did you get a chance to listen to Steve King’s comments on the program in the last hour?


I certainly did. And of course, I was in the audience when he gave his keynote address at the Amren Conference last week, which was actually very successful. It was a real tour d’horizon of Western civilization. He made his case very powerfully.


Well, everything that Steve King said, I couldn’t find any cause for disagreement. Of course, his championing of America First immigration policy is something near and dear to your heart.


At VDARE.com. we have followed Steve King’s career very closely for a long time. (See here, here, here, etc.) And in fact, at our Book Club, James Kirkpatrick actually did an interview with him on his book, Walking Though The Fire.

We do have a disagreement with Steve King. Completely contrary to what the swine in the Republican Party leadership and in the Mainstream Media (to the extent that they can be distinguished) say, he’s not in any sense a White Nationalist. He’s always been a Civic Nationalist. He talks about Western civilization.

At VDARE.com I run a fairly broad church. We have people who take a more racially conscious look at what America is, as Jared Taylor does. And we have people who are purely Civic Nationalist.

But King was completely innocent of any of that stuff. He was always a Civic Nationalist.

And it did not do him any damn good at all. They just wanted him out. And the reason they wanted him out was, I believe, because the immigration issue on which he had emerged as a champion is central to the way the Republican Party elite runs itself now.

VDARE.com is Politically Incorrect. We do take risks. But King wasn’t Politically Incorrect, actually. They just wanted to find somebody to lynch.

They are very determined to maintain discipline. And I really do think that the key issue to the people who run the Republican Party is immigration. They are desperate to avoid any immigration patriots emerging as leaders. Which is why McConnell went to such great lengths to suppress Kris Kobach in his Senate race in 2020. And why nobody rallied behind Jeff Sessions. This is why Kevin McCarthy spent money against Laura Loomer in her primary (she was running on an immigration moratorium), and Joe Kent in his primary (he was also running on the immigration moratorium issue).

I realize that I’m obsessed with immigration, it’s what I do at VDARE.com. But I really do think that the donors and the people who run the party really don’t want this issue to surface. And I believe the reason is that they know if there are leaders on this question, it will crystallize massive national opposition to the Great Replacement.

For example, Steve King was extremely pro-Israel. But it did him no good. When he was under pressure in the primary, the Republican Jewish Coalition denounced him. He was also extremely Right-to-Life but the National Right to Life Organization denounced him. Their behavior was absolutely disgraceful. I mean, they had no reason to get involved in Steve King’s primary, but they did. It shows they are just a front group for the Republican leadership.


And he mentioned the Great Replacement. I asked him the pointed question, he didn’t back down from it at all. And it is not indisputable, in my opinion, that there is a Replacement. Whether or not it’s good or bad or intentional can be debated. You cannot debate that it’s occurring.


And of course Chuck Schumer, the Democrat Senate Majority leader, just gave an interview saying that we’ve got to have Amnesty, for ”all 11 million, or however many” illegals there are here, showing he doesn’t care how many people there are—because Americans, he claims, are not reproducing themselves.

So in other words, he actually does intend to Replace them with new people. He’s open about it.

It’s like the War On Christmas, you know. There’s a kind of a Double Think that the Left has: something Doesn’t Exist. And on the other hand, it’s a Good Thing. And that’s what they say about the Great Replacement: It doesn’t exist—and also, we’re in favor of it!


You hit the nail on the head.

Peter, the biggest news story in America right now, If you can believe it, is Donald Trump having dinner with Nick Fuentes, Kanye West and Milo Yiannopoulos at Mar-a-Lago. Now, you and Jared Taylor attended one of Nick Fuentes’ events. What is your take on how the media is framing this situation?


Well, public discourse is just going back to 2016. The media, which is basically the Democratic Party, is trying to paint Trump as an extremist. And that means that anybody they can smear him with, they will smear him with.

Trump’s 2024 Announcement a couple of weeks ago was deeply disappointing from my point of view, it said nothing about immigration. Or anything at all that I really noticed. That’s a very bad thing.

But this this meeting with Kanye—Ye, I guess we have to call him—and with Nick Fuentes was interesting. And the question is—you never know with Trump—was it deliberate or not?

It’s hard for me to believe was deliberate, because what Ye is doing is raising the question of Jewish influence in the U.S., which of course is enormous and which nobody’s supposed to talk about, and Trump’s own administration was so heavily Jewish-influenced with his son-in-law and so on. But nevertheless, Trump’s done it. So the question is, does he know what he’s doing, in some visceral sense?

One of the things that came across to me when reading the various reports on this meeting was that Trump was very impressed by Nick Fuentes and said to Ye that he was very impressed by him. That really rings true, because Fuentes really is extraordinarily articulate and very well informed. It’s almost unnatural, actually, in someone of his age.

And you are right, Jared Taylor and I were at AFPAC, the meeting Fuentes held down in Florida. It was an amazing performance. It’s extraordinarily hard to hold meetings if you’re on the Dissident Right, they are always canceled by cowardly hotels. Which is why at VDARE.com we’ve bought our own castle in West Virginia, so we can hold meetings.

But Nick was able to get 1200 people together. It was like a flash convention. You heard about the location two hours before and we all assembled there. It was a really astonishing performance.

So Nick Fuentes is a real force, and I am very curious to see what he is going to do next. 

Personally, I can’t take Ye’s running for the President seriously, I think it’s a stunt. But on the other hand, a lot of people want the issues that he’s raising to be raised. So we’ll see what happens.


Well, I can tell you, having worked for Buchanan’s campaign in 2000 with the Reform Party, if you’re not running as a Republican or a Democrat, the intricacies of getting on the ballot all 50 states are wild. Unless he’s running in the Republican primary, he’s in for tough sledding.

But, say what you will about Nick Fuentes, the Left’s platform, up to and including child genital mutilation and the Great Replacement, is much more reprehensible than anything Nick Fuentes has ever said.


Now, of course, my point of view is: What’s this got to do with immigration?, which I happen to think is the key issue. I know Nick understands the issue. And I believe Milo does, but who knows which direction he is going to go? As for Trump, I just don’t know. There was a time when he did understand it, but he hasn’t said anything about legal immigration for very long time. I think that’s weakened him.


But that was how he burst onto the scene. It was immigration that got him on the map. And now all of that’s gone.

You know, we were credentialed media at some of the Trump events. The Trump campaign solicited an interview for Donald Trump Jr. on this program. And of course, they never knew who we were, they didn’t know who Nick Fuentes was. They don’t know who anybody is. So you never know what’s really going on there. They never know anything about what they’re doing.


An awful lot of people in the Trump campaign were just absolutely orthodox Republicans. And when they were faced with any kind of controversy, they just run for the hills. Apparently, he wasn’t able to get a grip on that.


What would you say about the need to present the message professionally, about building bridges with the mainstream, as Jared Taylor has done, and as you have done, with people who can take our concerns to the next level?


That’s a really difficult question, James.

Since 2015, the Reign Of Terror has gotten much worse. The ability of people in the Mainstream Media to say these things has really been cut off. Above all, they can’t quote us. And if they even say something we say, but don’t cite us, the Enforcers are on them immediately: “This is something VDARE.com has said.”

Of course, this is partly a reflection of their weakness. They know that they are sitting on top of volcano, and they have to keep stomping it down.

There’s a reason that you never see Ann Coulter, who wrote a great book, Adios America, in 2015, about the immigration issue, even on cable shows anymore. She used to be on network TV, then she was on cable TV, now she’s excluded from everything. They just don’t want any spokesmen of any kind.


By the way, Ann Coulter will be on this program in January!


You know, she’s one of the greatest TV debaters of the age. And so she’s never allowed on TV to debate


Let’s talk practical politics. The media’s narrative was that the midterms were a huge win for the Democrats. But was it really? They battled to a draw in the Senate, the house flipped to 220 to 213 in favor of the GOP. So was it a huge win for the Left?


No. The Left believes what they want to believe. They were obviously very relieved it wasn’t much worse. But basically, this was a solid performance by the Republicans.

It’s not as good as it should have been. But then the GOP didn’t run the race they should have done. They should have nationalized the race, announced that they were going to impeach Joe Biden for treason on the border. He’s let 5 million illegal aliens in. But they didn’t do that.

 And they’re still not doing that. McCarthy is vaguely talking about possibly looking into impeaching Mayorkas, the Homeland Security Secretary. But Mayorkas is not the issue. The issue is Biden and Harris.

If the GOP impeach Biden and Harris together, which they could do, because she is supposed to be Immigration Czar, the Speaker of the House would become President. So what are they waiting for? Decapitate the Regime!

The answer is the GOP leaders are cowards. They are stupid. And the donors don’t want that anyway, because the donors want immigration.

You and I both think very highly of Brad Griffin, “Hunter Wallace” of Occidental Dissent.  He has pointed out there was a Red Wave. People say, well, in the off-year, the President’s party is supposed to lose seats. But the Democrats lost lots of seats in 2020. You have to add them both together.

And Griffin points out, and he’s right about this, that there’s a wave throughout the South, extending right up to where VDARE.com is now in West Virginia. West Virginia was a Democrat state until maybe15-20 years ago. Now, the Republicans not only have a supermajority in the legislatures but increased their supermajority GOP increases supermajorities in West Virginia House, Senate, by John Raby, AP, November 9, 2022]. And that is the case right across the South.

Basically, we have two white nations, at least, in the U.S. Broadly speaking, it is the North and the South. For immigration patriots, it is the North that is the problem. White Southerners have decided that they’re fed up with the Regime and they are massively voting against it. The North is confused, but it’s not all bad up there. There were serious movements in New York State for example, because of because the crime issue.

So the great question, really for the Historic American Nation, which is fundamentally the White nation, is how to crack into Greater New England, from Portland ME to Portland OR. I gave a speech in 2016, actually to Hailgate, the much-denounced NPI Conference, and I urge everyone to read it. I said then that the next step is to crack Greater New England and I discussed the various ways to do it.

None of which the Trump administration did. In fact, they did the exact reverse. The Ryan tax policy, which Trump stupidly adopted, reduced state and local tax deductions from federal taxes. And I noticed that Peter Navarro, in his book on the Trump administration, said that alone cost them several seats in Southern California. In the high tax states, people needed those deductions.

But the Ryan Republicans weren’t thinking in those terms. From a wonkish point of view, of course, they were right. You shouldn’t allow states to raise taxes and dump the cost on the Federal Government. But from a political point of view, you’re imposing enormous costs on people who should be voting for you, the white suburbs of Los Angeles, and New York and so on. But Ryan Republicans didn’t think about that at all. They never think about the racial implications. They’re trained out of it. If you talk to Republican operatives, you find out that they flinch if you start asking about the racial base of the coalition. But that’s actually what drives American politics.


Sure it does.

To put it bluntly, you have different nations living on this one continent, divided into two different blocks, Red and Blue, Republican and Democrat. The Republicans were running a campaign to benefit from backlash on the economy. How could they have done better, Peter?


Well, as I’ve just said,  they should have nationalized the race, focusing on the collapse of the southern border issues, and what they were going to do about it, namely impeach Biden.

After the 2020 election, we did an analysis of the makeup of the Democrat vote. For the first time a majority of Democrat voters were not normal that, is to say, straight white Gentiles. If you put together the non-white vote, the Jewish vote, homosexual vote, they’d gone over 51%.

What this means is the Democrat Party is tipping, like a housing project. I think 1964 was the last election when the Democrats got a majority of the overall White vote. So for close to 60 years they have not had a majority of the White vote.

We have just done these numbers again. I haven’t published them yet, but they are even more dramatic, partly because the number of people who identify as homosexual has dramatically increased. I don’t know whether that’s real or not but, whoever they are, they are voting heavily Democratic. About 56% of the Democratic vote in 2022 were non-normal white Americans. This is why the Democrat Party is run by lunatics.


Peter, I want to wish you Merry Christmas here on the air. I know that VDARE has been a real catalyst in talking about the War against Christmas. Not just the War against Christmas but the War against Thanksgiving and Columbus Day and anything even tangentially related to White Western civilization. I want to thank you for that and wish you a Merry Christmas my friend.


And to you, James. I hope to get cards out this year!


 We are on each other’s Christmas cards list and I’m a better man for it!

Peter, history teaches us that bloated, decadent, overextended empires eventually fall. And I don’t think that the global American Empire is going to be the exception. And I’m fine with that. I’m a secessionist and I don’t think that there can be any reconciliation with the Left. America will never again be the United States. I don’t want to be engaged in a collaborative effort with people who hate me who hate my ancestors, who hate my history.

Let’s toss it back to Peter Brimelow:


Well, as I am so damned old, I remember very clearly the mid-1970s. After the fall of Vietnam, the entire Conservative Movement was in despair.

I remember talking to Bill Rusher, the publisher of National Review. When I first met him, which was in 1975, he said confidentially: “We’re doomed. The Red Flag will wave over the world.” He meant the Soviet Union. It’s hard to describe how completely depressed people were then, after the fall of Vietnam, and seeing the tremendous expansion of the Soviet Union. They had built a bluewater navy and seized Angola and Mozambique. They were really on the move.

And of course, it was obvious that the U.S Ruling Class was riddled through with communist sympathizers. McCarthy was defeated in the 1950s. And we’d never been able to get past that.

But nevertheless, it suddenly, miraculously changed. Reagan was elected and went on to win the Cold War.

So for that reason, I’m reluctant to be totally apocalyptic.

Now, I think the trends are very bad. It is very difficult to see how the U.S. can hold together on its current course.

And one major reason is that the entire Ruling Class in America has reneged on the bargain with the South. I mean, there was a very extensive discussion after the Civil War about what to do with the South and the North chose reconciliation. All those Confederate Generals got pardons. And that’s the reason why the North was prepared to allow their statutes to put be up,

That that has all been reneged on. When I first came to the U.S. in the 1970s, if you were in the South, you saw the Battle Flag everywhere. Nobody thought anything of it. It was just the flag of the white South.

That bargain has been completely broken. And there are going to be repercussions in terms of holding the Country together.

Quite obviously a lot of U.S. states should be subdivided. There was a Supreme Court decision under Nixon [Correction, under Kennedy: Baker v. Carr 1962 and Reynolds v. Sims 1964] that imposed one man-one vote on state legislatures. Which in effect meant that the big cities can dominate the hinterlands. Of course, that can’t happen at the Federal level because the U.S. Constitution allows for the Senate and the Electoral College. So the Left is working on that—they want to abolish both.

In fact we should do exactly the opposite. We should be restoring State Senates to represent the several communities, rather than allowing the largest communities to dominate via one man–one vote. Otherwise the only answer to the oppression by the big cities that these rural areas feel is secession. Southern Illinois should secede from Chicago, Western Maryland should secede from Baltimore. For that matter, northeast California—there are large stretches of northeast California which are heavily Republican—should be freed from Los Angeles and San Francisco. These are all changes which can and should be made.

That is the whole point of Federalism: to represent the several different communities, recognizing they are not the same. And there has to be a way of reconciling them. That is what the Senate is for.

In contrast, the Canadians are run from what is in effect the House of Representatives, which is why Central Canada has come to dominate these vast hinterlands.


Ladies and gentlemen, I want to remind you to go to VDARE.com. I am on VDARE.com several times a week. And it is one of the very best outlets for our people. You need to be supporting the best of the best. And that’s what Peter Brimelow is. He’s been doing this for so long. And it’s such great sacrifice. I mean, Peter could have been with the In Crowd, he could have done the Wine and Cheese circuit, but he chose—


I’m just I’m too ornery for that!


Well, Peter, let me ask you this last question. What are some of the things you would like to see from the House?


Obviously, they can now force issues into public debate. Pass an Immigration Moratorium. End Birthright Citizenship. They have to insist that Puerto Rico be independent, to prevent the Democrats from making it a State. For the same reason they should merge D.C. with Maryland. And I think they should start impeachments up and down the board. I think we should start impeaching judges. You know, the Leftist Kritarchy is simply ignoring the letter of the law. They just rule whichever way they want. Now, the Supreme Court has shown some signs of reining that in, but even there, it is too cowardly to admit that the rationale used to overthrow Roe should also be used to overthrow Gay Marriage.

[Closing music starts] Merry Christmas James!


Merry Christmas to you, too, and to your wife and to your children.

Folks, if Peter Brimelow: was our czar, you wouldn’t have to worry tonight going into the Christmas season. Peter, God bless you.

Peter Brimelow [Email him] is the editor of VDARE.com. His best-selling book, Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster, is now available in Kindle format.


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